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, based on partnership, not paternalism. america provides funding and support and in return, partner nations develop their own strategy, and are held accountable for results. the country ownership will drive the global initiative to search for effective ways to deliver health services to people in desperate need, especially on the continent of africa. our first global health forum will have the foremost experts on developing disease, ambassador mark diobol. mark is a humble decent effective man, and the coordinator for aids relief, he led the effort to expand the number of patients receiving anti-viral treatment from 200,000 in 1983 to over 2 million in 2008. he is in africa today, beginning work on a project focused on mothers and newborn children. this is an area where research is urgently needed. infant and maternal mortality rates remain unexcessively high in the developing world. as part of his fellowship with the bush institute, mark will develop a strategy to provide timely effective and comprehensive health services to new mothers and babies and here is how he defined his goa
detainees from guantanamo bay to america. in illinois and one democratic senator from the estate says that the move could create thousands of jobs. a republican congressman from illinois who is running said it would undermine national security. you will hear from both lawmakers in two 0.5 minutes. gregg: the government calls them the most dangerous people on the planet. the president has promised to close guantanamo bay, so the question is, what should the president do? many of the suspected terrorists could wind up in the thomson correctional facility in northwestern illinois. >> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. an opportunity that we will not mess. gregg: that plan has critics very upset. here's why. opponents of the plan claim that it would make the region less safe and a potential target for terrorists. >> as you raise the profile of your community in this jihadi world, the benefits that they see in attacking your city increases. with it the busiest airport in the world and the tallest building in north america,
not know, but we will let you see as the news develops. first, election day in parts of america, and voters are making important decisions in a race is closely watched. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: first, as always at 3:00 eastern, three boxes full. box number one, as we wait for president obama's decision for a correction in afghanistan, that country's president promises to stamp out corruption. good luck. but can the man who some call derisively the mayor of cobble -- kabul deliver. another threatening move from north korea as it tries to bully the united states into accepting its terms for nuclear negotiation. the country says it could soon build another atomic bomb. we will talk to an expert about what the latest move could mean. and box number three, the last thing heard from three missing college students was that police -- what police called hysterical phone calls. coming up, the latest in the search for the young women and why police are having such a hard time figuring out where to start lo
heartfelt sympathies. our family loves america. we're proud of our country and saddened by the tragedy. we have nothing else to say -- we have nothing else that we're able to share with you at this time." before that statement was released, the cousin spoke to us last evening. shepard: of their fathers were brothers and he grew up in northern virginia. nadar, thank you. >> yes, hello. shepard: it is my understanding that he had been transferred from walter reed 24 could. do you know why that transfer happened? >> no, i cannot tell you exactly why it happened. it happened back in may of this year. shepard: the reporting is that your cousin had made requests not to be deployed overseas to the war. is that right? >> he has been making those requests since sometime after september 11. shepard: he has been in the military since before 9/11. >> absolutely, right after high school. he is a good american. we are shocked. we just found out on the news that he was being deployed. he never even told us. we have known for the last five years that was probably his worst nightmare. he would tell us how
a loving husband. private first class kham xiong came to america as a small child. he followed his brother into the military because his family has a strong history of service. he was preparing for his first deployment to afghanistan. these men and women came from all parts of the country. some have long careers in the military. some have signed up to serve in the shadow of 9/11. some have an intense, in iraq and afghanistan, and some cared for those who did not. their lives speak to the strength, the dignity, the decency of those reserve. that is how they will be remembered -- of those who serve. that is how they will be remembered. that same spirit is embodied in the community here and many wounded who are still recovering. it was already mentioned in this terrible minutes during the attack, soldiers made makeshift tourniquets out of their clothes. they braved gunfire to reach the wounded and ferried them back in cars and a pickup truck. one young soldier was so intent on helping others, she did not realize for some time that she herself had been shot in the back. two police officers --
and that he believed what america was doing was wrong. steve, in these e-mails what exactly is the imam saying about the relationship? >> this radical muslim cleric that used to work at a mosque in falls church, va., which nidal malik hasan attended for some time, the u.s. believes that nidal malik hasan was in communication imam with communication for some time over the last year. -- was in communication with the imam for some time. according to the report, the imam did not pressure nidal malik hasan to carry out the shooting, but he said it was permissible under islam. the road about 12 e-mails back and forth. only a few were responded to. gregg: what about congressional investigations and what is the president saying about that? >> as for her work -- congressional investigations, there was a closed door meeting today that was canceled at the request of the administration. the administration apparently wants less congressional investigation at this stage of the game while the investigations are under way. the department of defense is trying to figure out how to go through any kind of interna
september 11 and the tax on america and whether or not we see it. whether you agree with people's politics or not, eric holder and other people around him are professional attorneys and prosecutors. they did not make these decisions over a cup of coffee. gregg: so is michael mukasey, who interestingly enough was the federal judge who presided over the trial of the so-called blind shake in the 1993 world trade center case. here's what he said. let's put it up on the screen. he went on to say, we tried the first world trade center bombers in civilian courts and in return we got 9/11 and the murder of nearly 3000 innocent. >> as much as i respect him on a personal and professional level, the leader of the 1993 attacks was tried in front of judge thomas -- sorry, kevin duffy in the southern district court where these cases will be tried. they are in jail because there was no death penalty at that point for 250 some odd years. the case went flawlessly. the u.s. attorney's office in the southern district do not lose. and the people around them, the marshals are the finest in the nation. raymond
latin america, can you? >> it is the same as charlie rangel talking about reinstituting draft. they're trying to prove a point, that they do not have the money for this right now. they are not actually trying to pass along. -- a law. gregg: they have the same message. this is a war that has been mismanaged, if not neglected, for eight years. but it is a fair point, isn't it? >> it sure is. the director of the office of budgetary management is being prominently displayed in these meetings. the point being that this war costs money, barack obama knows it, and he is trying to get out of the war without breaking the bank. gregg: he wants more nato support and will not get it. one of the reasons is the defense minister of great britain said, you waited too long. you have this plan or set of plans from general mcchrystal, and you sat on it for three months, losing public support in the meantime. is that an additional problem that the president has? >> absolutely right. the public support for this war is at its lowest point in 3.5 years. the latest poll says 69% think that it is going badl
. the commander of military forces in charge of protecting north america now ordering a review of the air defenses kiri we're told it will investigate the likelihood of terrorists successfully hijacking -- ordering a review of the air defenses. what is the reason? >> the reason is that airplanes are very expensive. if you have been patrolling the skies or just standing by 24 hours a day seven days a week all year long, that is very expensive. they are refueling tankers that there to support them, all of the maintenance crews, all of the highly trained pilots, all of the facilities on the ground. this has amounted to $27 billion since 9/11 just to maintain this program, so they want to take another look at it, see if the threat has changed. after all, since 9/11, there have been some very big changes in the airline industry. for instance, security has gotten a lot better. we have the watch list to try to keep terrorists of the plane and is reinforced cockpit door, just to name a few. rick: are their terrorist targets that this review will also consider? >> they think that next time it may not be a
are on america's election headquarters. it last night is any indication, republicans are likely smiling today. in the state of virginia, bob mcdonnell skated to end astoundingly easy victory over the democrat. winning by an 18 point margin. in new jersey the results were far more surprising. chris christie overcame a major obstacles to defeat jon corzine. jon corzine outspent chris christie in an enormous weight and had substantial report -- support from the white house. make no mistake, jon corzine's approval ratings were in dismal places. he had other problems of his own and was not very popular. that said, the people have spoken and a republican is going in office. carl cameron has more from newark, new jersey. >> chris christie came by the charter academy here in newark, new jersey, talking about all the different ways to bring communities together across new jersey. boy did he bring together the republican coalition. places where republicans have not done well in recent years, chris christie was able to bring together independent voters and republicans like not before in a long time. whe
every friday. we have one of the largest congregations in the united states of america. if you were to just take a statistical swath of people and ask if you have ever been in midtown, manhattan, right? just because a crime has perpetrated by someone in midtown does not mean that because you were there you are associated. our speech here is very faith only. if anyone had been upset, it would have been about the teachings of tolerance and service. i think that if you are trying to hide in a crowd of people, then maybe this might be a good place to hide, but it is not a place where you will be provoked the violence, does that make sense? yes. >> [inaudible] >> oesome people may disagree wh me. but i really do believe that the media sensation that has been created around someone far away posting something on a blog is really not the american problem. it is the british problem. the british community really does have a problem with homegrown radicalization. pew did a study, finding that american muslimse5%3ñ are some e least likely people to become radicalized. the idea is that we are r
you think this is a referendum on the obama presidency? shepard: and fox news is america's election headquarters. republicans and democrats battling it out ahead of tomorrow's big day, and many of the race is considered crucial for both parties. carl, can the democrats turn the tide in virginia this late in the game? it sounds like the experts seem to believe they cannot. >> no, and you get the impression that some folks in the deeds campaign seemed to think he may not be able to do that. a democrat is racing across the state trying to valley voters, but his problem comedies, a state senator and a fairly moderate is that the obama vote of 2008, folks around the old dominion who were so invigorated by the obama candidacy for presidency have just not come out or indicated that they are going to with any great degree of enthusiasm. that leaves the republican chorus with a double-digit lead on the eve of the election, and for all intents and purposes, it appears as it the democratic office of the state house -- the governor's office, rather, that is the democratic for the last eight yea
and other times it was like our mother which meant america. mother has been slow to recognize these fierce warriors. tehuantep it wasn't until 2000 the congressional gold medal was bestowed on them. today we salute you and thank you for a job well done. fox news is on the job hunt. according to the labor department there is one job opening for every 6.1 persons looking for work. but on this veterans day we're looking at the market for toes who served in our military. the labor department reports in october the unemployment rate for those who served since 2001 was 11.6%. now a number of companies in the u.s. are trying to help veterans specifically find work once they return from the battlefield. we have team fox coverage on this today. jamie colby live in new york first. >> shep, it crosses 50 states and 750 employers, an effort to make transition from war to civilian live a little more secure including 250 connecticut auto dealers who last week signed on with the army reserve to provide interviews to those who qualify. here is one of the dealers. >> they put their lives on the line and th
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